Working As A Social Escort At An Agency In Singapore?

Working as a social escort is a very lucrative career choice. In fact, it’s so lucrative in SG that some social escort earn upwards of $10,000 per month, which is a phenomenal amount of income in Singapore.

This is also the reason why many fresh graduates also turn to social escort jobs in this bad job economy where job growth is slow. Additionally, where on earth can you work for a few hours and make a few thousand dollars other than the Singapore social escort industry?

However, working as social escort and taking on such a job is seldom done as a full time gig. In fact, most girls who work as one usually work part time – e.g. night time. This is because most of the customers are also working in the day time at their work or business, and therefore can only afford to engage such services in the evening such as companionship to the bar or pub or perhaps just to a more casual business meeting in the evenings in Singapore (yes, to the foreigners reading, people work in the evenings in Singapore).

In general, the hours relative to the payoff is a great and attractive career option, and many women do it part time. The only downfall about this escort job is that it’s relatively age dependent. If you’re outside of the age range of 19 to 28, chances are, the demand for your escort services will be significantly lower, and thus far fewer agencies and clients would hire your services. This is because most clients prefer a younger clientele, quite similar to how women prefer more mature men. That is why if you are a younger and beautiful Singaporean girl, it is far easier for you to find a social escort job in Singapore than someone who is older.

If you’re in the preferred age range, good news! All you need to ensure is that you’re eloquent (as most clients who hire your services will want you to be able to engage in small talk as well as simple business speak with their colleagues), and that you dress really elegantly, look gorgeous and most importantly, know how to flirt with and keep clients entertained and happy. This is very important as clients engage social escorts in Singapore for the purpose of bringing them to places such as the casinos or business conventions to elevate their own social status. And when it comes to private dates, clients want a person who can accompany them and just be there to pretend as their girl.

If you are open minded, and think it is ok to pretend as someone’s girlfriend for money, then you definitely should try applying for an escort job in Singapore. Just make sure that you are applying at a legal and reputable agency for your career.

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