How to find a True Blue Singaporean Social Escort?

A lot of men actually want to go out with a local social escort in Singapore, but end up engaging random foreign ladies from countries such as Vietnam or Thailand for the record because many men fall prey to cheap prices offered by certain agencies! Think about it, why would a local girl in Singapore go out with a man on a date for $40 per hour (which is the estimated cut of a South East Asian foreign social escort)? No way!

Updated for 2020 with new updates and recommendations:

Perhaps the only somewhat cheaper alternatives will be that of pure platonic rental friends, which can be found at Maybe which came out in 2019. That is serving an entirely different market and are not considered escorts. However, if rental friends are what you are searching for instead, then yes maybe you can get at lower rates. This article explains why rental friends are far cheaper than escorts better than I can so go here to read it.

If you want to actually go out with a real local, Singaporean social escort, then be prepared to shell out big bucks – at least $700 / hour or more in year 2020.

There are some agencies which are well known to cheat their customers, and supposedly, one of the agencies, Johnny Escorts, which did that got busted recently Рby the police for illegally hiring foreign ladies on illegal permits.

So then, how do you find an actually local social escort girl to go out with you? Which agency in Singapore is the real deal?

Here are some recommended agencies, but before you engage their services, I highly recommend that you still perform your own due diligence before engaging their escort services:

SG VIP Escorts is the only agency that I recommend to you, as they specialize in 100% Singaporean OR PR only girls… which is basically what most of you men are looking for.

call girl

Singapore Call Girls is another agency which I think looks legitimate… although personally I’m a little doubtful as some of their girls seem to be foreigners… e.g. from China e.t.c. However, upon a deeper look in 2020, it seems to be defunct, so I’m not sure about what happened to them.

Frankly speaking, I only think the above 2 seems like suitable candidates. Of course, I may be wrong and that there are many more legitimate social escort agencies but I don’t know of… In that case, kindly feel free to email me at so I can update the above list!

Why Do Girls Work As Social Escorts In SG?

Although being a social escort is a perfectly legal occupation in Singapore, many people think that it’s controversial because of misunderstanding. This is because many people think that social escorts are just another term for prostitutes or sex workers, when it’s not the case (at least in Singapore)!

A social escort is usually a very good looking model who acts as a plus 1 to rich businessmen and business executives to events or private dates. It’s usually to boost the social status of the man, hence termed ‘social escort’.

Ok, so why do girls in Singapore like to moonlight as a social escort at agencies or work as one while studying?

The reason is the high pay. I mean, where on earth can you work a job which will legitimately pay you at least $150 to $500 per hour of engagement? The only place that you can do that easily is as a social escort – the main prerequisite being that you’re good looking and that you’re sociable. Many working adults in Singapore like to buy materialistic items, but because average pay in Singapore is far too low after deducting for normal monthly expenses, being a social escort is a great and easy way for girls to be able to safely afford expensive designer handbags. Many students also like to work as an escort model in Singapore because Singapore’s school fees can be really expensive at the university level! This means that they’re usually stuck with a large loan to pay off and so, by being a social escort, they are able to get rid of this loan much quicker.

Now, there are also actually girls who just want to boost their own ego while getting paid for it. Yes, this is because if a man selects a social escort, he’s clearly implying that he thinks the escort is very physically attractive, and some women get turned on by that.

Last but not least, how many single women would reject the opportunity to date rich men with all expenses paid for and still getting paid for the date on top of that? Nearly every single woman would gladly accept this opportunity.

Of course, it’s not easy to find such clients in Singapore, because Singapore is a very culturally conservative country. Recommend that you look for an agency to join to get clients.