More Men Turning To Social Escorts In Singapore

Rapidly Increasing Trend Towards Dating Female Escorts In Singapore?

You see, men in Singapore generally very much prefer younger women due to social stigma. However, women still in their young 20s are technically in their prime age, and can afford to get away with demanding sky high expectations in men. This means that most men are not able to find a date with younger women in Singapore.

On the other end, no men in their 30s want to date a woman in their 30s, as they’re increasingly less physically attractive, or are already attached.

Due to this problem, many single men end up having troubles finding any girlfriend in Singapore.

Thus, more local men are turning to Singaporean social escorts these days when it comes to getting the girlfriend experience.

Common reasons why many Singaporean men turning to social escorts:

The following are some common reasons:

  • No strings attached. Many men don’t want emotional hassles from a woman and dealing with a relationship. Therefore, a social escort is the perfect answer to provide the girlfriend experience without the emotional issues.
  • It’s on demand. With the onset of Uber and other such on demand services, social escorts’ services of companies such as SG VIP Escorts (see their Tumblr page here) have also become more popular as it’s also on demand. With a girlfriend, you have to deal with her ups and downs everyday. With a social escort, it’s your choice now.
  • Some men have a fetish for paying a girl to act as their girlfriend. This is the ultimate no strings attached way to get that fetish fulfilled.
  • Social escorts are beautiful. How often and easily can you go out on a date with a beautiful woman whenever you want to?